Finding Parts

where do i begin?

MOC making can be intimidating for people who've never built a model using custom instructions. The most common question for individuals who have never put a moc together – "Where do I find parts?" To help answer this question, I've shared a couple YouTube videos of Simon from Crafted Bricks. He provides some in depth details in addition to some helpful tips to get you started building your first custom MOC. Whether you purchase instructions from me, or anyone else, the information he provides is incredibly insightful.

Checkout his YouTube channel for more amazing content.

buying parts

navigate bricklink like a pro

So you're ready to dive in? Simon from Crafted Bricks has an in depth tutorial for creating and managing your wanted list on BrickLink. He also covers the purchase process and provides some cost savings tips in addition to finding sellers with good prices! Grab a drink, make some popcorn and take some notes!

easy guide

quick reference guide

I've also prepared a quick reference guide to show how easy it is to find parts and where to purchase them. If you have any other questions, be sure to checkout my FAQs.