Builder's Club

What is Builder's Club

The idea for creating Builder's Club came from Mirko Soppelsa. I was new to moc making and purchased one of his limited edition manuals which came with custom stickers and a unique tile. Those that registered their unique tiles were added to his website. I thought it was a billiant idea. It felt like I was part of an exclusive club of individuals who put together an incredibly rare moc. I wanted to build off that concept.

When someone completes a Brick Wars MOC and registers their unique tile, they'll also be added to my site. Additionally they can share links to their social media profiles and personal websites. Builder's Club members can also share projects from other moc creators when they register. The idea is to shine light on creators you might not be aware of. As an added benefit, people who register are eligible for discounts on upcoming projects.

I hope to add more features to Builder's Club in the future. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.