answers to common questions

How do you ship your limited edition UCS collector series manuals?
All orders are shipped from the United States via the United States Postal Service (unless otherwise indicated). Tracking information and insurance are provided at no additional charge. Insurance is provided up to the value of the purchase. International orders are shiped with USPS in conjunction with a 3rd party fullfillment for the best possible rate. International orders will have a declared value. Any import duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Why are your UCS collector series manuals printed in limited quanties?
Just like LEGO offers exclusive limited releases, Brick Wars also releases limited print versions of instructions. Just as much thought, design and effort are put into the UCS collector series manuals as the MOCs themselves. Since UCS builds are larger, Brick Wars limits the number of people who can buy the MOC. This means finding and buying parts are more affordable. You also end up with an incredibly rare MOC that very few people in the world will be able to build once the instructions are sold out.

Do you offer PDF instructions?
Brick Wars offers PDF / digital copies of select MOCs. However, limited edition UCS collector series manuals will not be offered as a PDF download. UCS collector series manuals are more expensive to produce and therefore cost buyers more money. It wouldn't be fair to those that purchased a limited release only to have it offered up as as PDF version.

I ordered digital instructions. How long will it take to receive my PDF and the parts list?
In order to protect from digital theft, Brick Wars uses a third-party service to distribute digital downloads as well as the XML parts list. The digital download is setup manually for each purchase. It usually takes a few minutes to a few hours depending on when the order is placed. Most digital downloads files are sent within 4 hours.

I purchased a UCS collector series manual. How do I get a parts list?
After purchasing the manual, you will be sent an XML parts list that is compatible with Bricklink and Brickowl. The UCS collector series manuals are then shipped out the next business day (sometimes say day depending on time of order). Orders in the United States take two to three business days to arrive. International orders can take two to four weeks to arrive (in very rare cases sometimes longer). Any import duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

What do I do with the XML parts list?
The XML parts list references all the parts, colors and quantities needed for the build. You can upload the parts to a wanted list on BrickLink (the most popular), or BrickOwl. These websites allow you to keep track of what you have versus what you need. As more people buy the same parts over and over, parts may become more expensive.

How much do parts cost?
This is a difficult question to answer. There are several factors that effect cost. Purchasing new parts versus used parts or buying domestic versus internationally can greatly effect the overall cost of the build. Sourcing parts from your own LEGO inventory will greatly reduce the cost of the build. Skill as well as patience can also be a factor. This is especially true if you're sourcing parts for multiple MOCs at the same time. Part estimates are listed in the "Specifications" section on the MOC's detail page.

Do your instructions come with parts?
All parts must be purchased separtely through places like BrickLink.com, BrickOwl.com or LEGO.com Pick A Brick. Both UCS collector series manuals and PDF manuals include the option to purchase printed parts. These specialized parts are mentioned on the purchase screen. Some printed parts are included while others are available for an additional charge. Any import duties or fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Does your build contain rare parts?
Part of the design process involves optimizing the build to use the least amount of rare parts as possible. If a rare part is used, an alternative option with part substituions is also included. While some parts may not be rare today, they could become more expensive or harder to find as more people buy the same parts over and over.

Do you accept returns?
Due to the specialized nature of this product, all sales are final.