answers to common questions

How is my order shipped?
All orders are shipped from the United States via the United States Postal Service (unless otherwise indicated). All orders will include tracking information. Insurance is provided up to the value of the purchase. International orders will have a declared value. Any import duties or fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Do you offer PDF instructions?
I do not offer PDF or digital copies of my manual. MOC building is incredibly rewarding. However, it can aso be expensive. This is especially true if a MOC is popular and the instructions are widely ciruclated as a PDF release.

Why are your instructions limited?
By limiting the number of people who can buy and/or have access to the parts list, the greater the chance of finding and buying parts at an affordable price. You also end up with an incredibly rare MOC that very few people in the world will be able to build once the instructions are sold out.

Do your instructions come with parts?
In addition to the hard copy manuals, the only parts that come with your manual are a custom tile as well as stickers (unless noted). All parts must be purchased separtely through places like BrickLink.com, BrickOwl.com or LEGO.com Pick A Brick.

How much do parts cost?
This is a difficult question to answer. There are several factors that effect cost. Purchasing new vs used parts and buying domesticly vs internationally all effect the overall cost of the build. Sourcing parts from your own inventory will greatly reduce the overall cost of the build. A rough estimate to build MOC-BW2001 is roughly $.13 - $.17 per part. Skill as well as patience is also a factor — especially if you're sourcing parts for multiple mocs at the same time.

Do you accept returns?
Due to the specialized nature of this product, all sales are final.

When do I get a parts list?
After purchasing the manual, I will send an XML parts list compatible with Bricklink and Brickowl. This file references all the parts, colors and quantities needed for the build. You can choose to upload the parts to a wanted list on BrickLink (the most popular), or BrickOwl which is where you keep track of what you have, vs what you need. Remember, the more people search for parts, the more expensive parts can become. It's important not to share the parts list.

Does your build contain rare parts?
Part of my design process involves optimizing the build to use the least amount of rare bricks as possible. If a rare part is to be used, I provide an alternative work around with part substituions. A part may not be rare today, but could become more expensive or harder to find when more people search and buy the same parts over and over.

Getting Started

Purchase, source,
build, Register

Step 1: Purchase Instructions

Instruction Manual

The first step is to visit the projects page and choose the moc you are interested in. I offer flat rate shipping based on where you are located. On the purchase screen, you'll choose where you are located. Next you'll choose which package you are interested in. You will then be directed to PayPal to complete the purchase. Once the invoice is paid, I will promply ship your manual and email you a parts list so you can begin sourcing pieces. International orders will have a declared value. Any Import duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Note for some countries I do requires addtional information to get an accurate shiping quote.

Step 2: Source your parts

step 2: Source your parts

There are several resources on youtube that explain how to upload a wanted list and how to buy parts on BrickLink. GJBricks does a great job of explaining how to upload the XML parts file. Just Another Brick in the Bucket explains how to navigating the purchase screen and other ways to manage your wanted list.

Step 3: Build your MOC

Step 3: Build your moc

Once you have all your parts sourced, the fun part can begin. Building! Be sure to post build progress photos to Instagram and tag @BrickWarsNet. Part of the fun of moc building is sharing your work and seeing what other people are working on.

step 4: Register your build

step 4: Register your build

When you've finished building your moc, use your unique tile to register your build. By registering, you'll be added to Builder's Club where you can upload a profile photo, share links to your social media accounts as well as other projects you are working on. Click here to register your build.